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Why and where did Millenheirs come from?


Becoming a small business owner wasn't something I had planned; it emerged from the depths of a life-altering experience. After a near-death health scare and subsequent emergency surgery, I found myself at a crossroads. Returning to work, only to be released from my position, felt like a blow, yet it also whispered an opportunity to pursue my dreams.


In the aftermath of this turmoil, Millenheirs was conceived—a tribute to my journey of self-discovery and healing. Embracing the notion to honor myself while navigating this path to recovery, I embarked on a soul-searching expedition. It dawned on me that amidst the mental anguish of losing my livelihood, there lay a chance to pay homage to both my past and present selves.


My last name, Millen, became the cornerstone of this endeavor, symbolizing my roots and ancestry. Adding "heirs" was a nod to the wisdom and traditions passed down through generations—a tapestry of remedies and proverbs that shaped my worldview. As I walked this path, I found solace in my passions: plant medicine and various healing modalities. It was clear; my business had to reflect this journey—a journey of resilience, self-discovery, and healing.


Fueled by a desire to surround myself with what nourished my soul, Millenheirs emerged as more than just a business—it became a manifestation of my essence. Through it, I aimed not only to heal myself but also to extend a hand to others on their own paths to wellness. Millenheirs is my testament to resilience, a beacon of hope amidst life's storms—a reminder that from adversity blooms the seeds of transformation.

Marquita Millen, Owner/Founder

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